Convenience Shops are closing down 

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small corner shops in Glasgow are struggling to main their business as supermarkets have taken over their profits. 


Glasgow has now become the fifth most visited city in the UK after the commonwealth Games but the corner shops in this city had never seen any change and declining every single day. 

Waiting for the customers

Most of the shop owners are repenting and asking for help from the government. As the city has just started to celebrate its first games anniversary, the convenience store owners are waiting for more customers in their shop. They are so far disappointed as they haven’t seen any dramatic boost in their business. There are around 55,000 stores in Scotland that employ 41,000 people in the sector. 

The industry contribute around £3.2 billion to the country’s economy. 

Hammy, a shop owner from Glasgow says: ” Supermarkets are killing our business. Basically there are going to be no corner shops and of course it is going to affect us all and no one is going to take our responsibility.”

He adds: ” Commonwealth Games had no effect on our business. Our business is getting down and down. Government should restrict supermarkets. These markets manipulate the prises and are sneezing suppliers.” 

Glasgow in recession

Some of the people say that Glasgow is still in recession. Though the city has hosted a large number of visitors but that did not have any effect on this sector. 

A research conducted by Centre for retail research shows that the retails sector in the whole UK will face a decline as the store numbers will fall by 22% and over 300,000 jobs would be lost. 

Steve, supplier from Glasgow says, : people want deals. They want cheaper and cheaper things all the times. I think when you are selling things cheaper, you might not get any profit. Small stores are shutting down because they can’t beat Asda, Morison’s or Tesco because these markets are buying in bulks.”

Online Shopping

Shop owners also express this fact that online shopping has also a great role to push our business in decline. All these supermarkets have also offered online shopping to the customers so now people even don’t bother to come out of their houses to shop. 

Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) chief executive Pete Cheema says: ” the introduction of the national living wage is a reckless policy, which could have a disastrous effect on the retail industry, especially in times of austerity.”


Double standards…

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The post 2000 era is the most difficult time for the Muslims around the world. After 9/11 attacks at Twin towers and Pantagon headquarter, the western media, think tanks and government polices were pretty much turned against the Muslims. 

America invaded Afghanistan to complete its Operation Enduring Freedom by using Pakistan’s soil for its bases and did a heavy bombardment from Kabul to Tora Bora mountains. NATO and American troops destroyed most of the country’s infrastructure after eliminating Taliban; (though they are negotiating with Taliban now). 

The West was still not satisfied by the destruction of Afghanistan, and stormed to Iraq, having and propagating an excuse that Sadam had Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and that the civilised West needed to eliminate him and his weapons within no time. 

Role of Western Media

The western media played a key role to make their people to accept this decision by George W Bush and former labour Prime Minister Tony Blair. There were demonstrations against the Iraq invasion in across the Europe.  People had realisation that the destruction of Afghanistan was an agenda and there were vested interests of the imperialists powers. I Can still remember some of the major newspapers headlines and broadcasts at that time. 

I am telling this brief history because today we are witnessing an islamophobic behaviour across the West. Muslims are being rediculed and racially abused across the world and the alarming point is that the anti-Muslim behaviour is spreading rapidly among the masses. 

Governments are meant to control such situations but they are themselves involved in such actions that ultimately give boost and energy to such conservative and unhealthy behaviour in society. 

So called extremist Islamic groups are destroying the over all picture of Islam. We all know that these radicals are not representing Islam at all and West knows this ; of course I am talking about IS ‘Islamic State’. Western media through a well planned strategy portraying and reporting in such an angle that doesn’t throw light over serious genuine reasons of current chaos especially in Middle East. The easy way to engage their readers and viewers is to blame Islam and Muslims for the over all mess in the whole world. 

Did we fight World War One and Two?

The West has forgot that Hitler was not a Muslim who caused millions of deaths. Atomic bombs attack on two dence populated city of Japan that took hundred of thousands of innocent lives was not thrown by Medieval Muslims. World War One and Two were not faught between Muslims and Christians.  

But media has made West to forget their history which is not too old. 

The people who are observing all this current situation they know why is this happening and who is making this to happen. 

Burma is burning

Currently Muslims in Burma are facing the worst brutality by the Budhits but the double standard of UNO and all other countries and organisations that are champion in human rights, are slept and have turned their eyes off on this persecution, Muslims massacre and ethinic cleansing. 

The world needs to react responsibly against the discrimination with Muslims across the globe. And before even pleading to the world, I resquest to all the scholars out there to teach and follow the true teachings of Quran and our Prophet (PBUH)..

Where do we stand? 

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Today in this complex global village we have seen disturbed stories from across the globe through social media, TV and other sources like web. 

Millions of people are suffering due to the lethal interest based international relations among the states. The old imperialist powers are still digesting the resources from around the world either by hook or crook. 

Despite having enormous, up to date, quick and cheap information “as information is power” the negativity against the humanity is at it’s peak. We are witnessing more deaths, epidemic outbreaks, injustice, wars and human rights issues. 

Forget the tussel between major powers, Middle East is a burning battle ground for the ‘blood suckers’ oh! I mean oil and gas looters. 

If I start writing something more about the Middle East then I might not be able to write on a particular issue that grabbed my attention and gave me ‘again’ painful itchy feelings. 

Yesterday when I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed page; I read a post that also had a picture with it as proof saying, a home work lesson is given to kids by Stevenston Primary School in Motherwell in which Palestinians were described as “separatists”. Kids were asked describe the “terrorist activities” and give two reasons why the Palestinians “feel they have the right” to amount terror attacks in Israel. 

So the school administration is giving such home work to 11 years kids. What a mature strategy to brain wash kids from such age. When they would be grown up, their perception and understanding to Palestine would be based on hatred and bias. 

Anyways, people from all the ethinicities have condemn such a move from this school but what next now? 

Palestine is a burning issue in world since the creation of Israel. Palestinians are suffering more than our imaginatios, those imaginations that we create after media reports or from social media. 

Muslims all around the world always raise their voices against the atrocities and lethal acts of Israel over Palestinians. Not only Muslims now we have seen the most respected Western intellectuals and common people are also criticising Israel’s barbaric moves agains Palestine. 

Now just to condemn Israel by protesting and chanting slogans is not enough as we are doing this from the last six decades. We need to move on and change our understanding to solve this issue and secure Palestinians from their ethinic cleansing.


Role of Awaz Newspaper in the Asian community

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Awaz Newspaper is the largest Asian Newspaper in Scotland which is serving the Asian community from more than a decade by highlighting their issues and participation in the growth of Scotland.

Awaz Newspaper helped to lessen the communication gap between the natives and the immigrants and has played its pivotal role to urge Asian community to take part in mainstream politics.

Recently it is been sold to Faisal Khan who is now planning to change its layout and making it more vibrant and vocal.


Twitter is a breeding ground for racial antagonist

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The Glaswegians have showed their anger over racial attack on humza yousaf the minister of external affair on Twitter, and majority of them agreed on a ‘poll’ that Twitter is a breeding ground for racist and political antagonist.

Yousaf received a direct message on Twitter where a Twitter user named Ray Hilton abused him saying, “Don’t ever consider yourself a Scott [sic]. All you are is an Asian man with a British passport living in Scotland. If you think that makes you Scottish then you need some help.”

Polling Results                                                              10339745_660081777396434_3125931779943068320_n

A Question was asked in a poll that, “Is social media a breeding ground for racist and political antagonist” and 83.33 per cent people voted ‘yes’, while 13.33 per cent voted ‘no’.

Adil Bhatti, blog reader, commented on the story and expressed his views as, “It is not the social media but it depends on the people who use it.”

Bhatti further said, “The real Scots are in minority as majority consists on the immigrants who settled in Scotland over the years. However many Scots who feel proud to be Scottish use such remarks unknowing that their roots are not from Scotland.”

Go Back

Humza yousaf also faced a racial attack in February 2014 when he was selling Big Issue as a guest seller outside the Queen Street train station, when a passer-by told him to “Go Back”.

Later on that man recognised as Christopher Chisholm 30 of Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire, who always tried to hide himself behind his wife Christina.


Tariq Ghazi commented on Facebook over the reaction of racist attack on MSP on Twitter, “Me and my coming generations will be living and buried in Scotland. We are proud Scot.”

The admin of a Facebook page “Reasons for an Independent Scotland” commented over the story saying, “What a *****! Humza is a greater Scot than that guy will ever be! Humza is out working for his country (of birth!) and that guy is pathetically trolling.”

MSP is under racism attack

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An MSP is facing racial discrimination by a Twitter user and posted a picture at Twitter showing a direct message in which he is mocked by calling an ‘Asian man’.

Humza Yousuf who has already experienced racist attacks on different occasions, once again is targeted via a Twitter user Ray Hilton who sent him message saying he should not consider himself as a Scot.

Humza appeared in an episode of Question Time aired on BBC1, where he expressed that he is a Scot. However, Hilton posted: “Don’t ever consider yourself a Scott [sic]. All you are is an Asian man with a British passport living in Scotland.”

“If you think that makes you Scottish then you need some help!”

Ray Hilton also asks in his direct message to Humza: “Do you honestly think we consider you a Scot??? Hahahahahaha”.

Ray Hilton's direct message to Hamza Yousaf.
Ray Hilton’s direct message to Hamza Yousaf.


MSP Yousuf then satirically tweeted, via a self-made video: “Proof of how thick racists are – you could at least correctly spell the nationality I supposedly don’t belong to…”

Twitter followers of Humza Yousuf showed their anger over Hilton’s behaviour. One person, Twitter name Mae_Carson retweeted, saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you” etc. Who the devil is Ray Hilton and what does he do for Scotland?”


Yousuf suffered racial discrimination in February when he was selling the big issue. A man approached him and told that he would not buy the Big Issue from him as he was not from Scotland.

Later on that man was recognised as Chris  Chisholm from Dunbartonshire, who became less vocal after approaching the media and hid himself behind his wife.

PTI Blocks NATO Supply

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PTI ‘Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’, Pakistan’s 3rd largest political party have been protesting against the US drone strikes at the tribal areas of Pakistan. PTI, who have provincial control in KPK, the province bordering Afghanistan, have acted by stopping NATO supply through Pakistan for the previous week.

Imran Khan the leader of PTI has accused Nawaz Sharif’s Government of double standards on the issue and called for the blocking of supply routes through Pakistan for NATO troops in Afghanistan.

He said, “These missile strikes violate international laws. We do not want a war with America but we are protesting against the cruel policies of America.”

In response, the US military has suspended shipments of equipment out of Afghanistan through the Torkham border crossing into Khayber Pakhtunkhawa.

The Pakistani Government signed a deal with the US in July last year allowing NATO convoys to transit through Pakistan until the end of 2015.