Month: July 2015

Convenience Shops are closing down 

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small corner shops in Glasgow are struggling to main their business as supermarkets have taken over their profits. 


Glasgow has now become the fifth most visited city in the UK after the commonwealth Games but the corner shops in this city had never seen any change and declining every single day. 

Waiting for the customers

Most of the shop owners are repenting and asking for help from the government. As the city has just started to celebrate its first games anniversary, the convenience store owners are waiting for more customers in their shop. They are so far disappointed as they haven’t seen any dramatic boost in their business. There are around 55,000 stores in Scotland that employ 41,000 people in the sector. 

The industry contribute around £3.2 billion to the country’s economy. 

Hammy, a shop owner from Glasgow says: ” Supermarkets are killing our business. Basically there are going to be no corner shops and of course it is going to affect us all and no one is going to take our responsibility.”

He adds: ” Commonwealth Games had no effect on our business. Our business is getting down and down. Government should restrict supermarkets. These markets manipulate the prises and are sneezing suppliers.” 

Glasgow in recession

Some of the people say that Glasgow is still in recession. Though the city has hosted a large number of visitors but that did not have any effect on this sector. 

A research conducted by Centre for retail research shows that the retails sector in the whole UK will face a decline as the store numbers will fall by 22% and over 300,000 jobs would be lost. 

Steve, supplier from Glasgow says, : people want deals. They want cheaper and cheaper things all the times. I think when you are selling things cheaper, you might not get any profit. Small stores are shutting down because they can’t beat Asda, Morison’s or Tesco because these markets are buying in bulks.”

Online Shopping

Shop owners also express this fact that online shopping has also a great role to push our business in decline. All these supermarkets have also offered online shopping to the customers so now people even don’t bother to come out of their houses to shop. 

Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) chief executive Pete Cheema says: ” the introduction of the national living wage is a reckless policy, which could have a disastrous effect on the retail industry, especially in times of austerity.”