Month: June 2015

Double standards…

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The post 2000 era is the most difficult time for the Muslims around the world. After 9/11 attacks at Twin towers and Pantagon headquarter, the western media, think tanks and government polices were pretty much turned against the Muslims. 

America invaded Afghanistan to complete its Operation Enduring Freedom by using Pakistan’s soil for its bases and did a heavy bombardment from Kabul to Tora Bora mountains. NATO and American troops destroyed most of the country’s infrastructure after eliminating Taliban; (though they are negotiating with Taliban now). 

The West was still not satisfied by the destruction of Afghanistan, and stormed to Iraq, having and propagating an excuse that Sadam had Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and that the civilised West needed to eliminate him and his weapons within no time. 

Role of Western Media

The western media played a key role to make their people to accept this decision by George W Bush and former labour Prime Minister Tony Blair. There were demonstrations against the Iraq invasion in across the Europe.  People had realisation that the destruction of Afghanistan was an agenda and there were vested interests of the imperialists powers. I Can still remember some of the major newspapers headlines and broadcasts at that time. 

I am telling this brief history because today we are witnessing an islamophobic behaviour across the West. Muslims are being rediculed and racially abused across the world and the alarming point is that the anti-Muslim behaviour is spreading rapidly among the masses. 

Governments are meant to control such situations but they are themselves involved in such actions that ultimately give boost and energy to such conservative and unhealthy behaviour in society. 

So called extremist Islamic groups are destroying the over all picture of Islam. We all know that these radicals are not representing Islam at all and West knows this ; of course I am talking about IS ‘Islamic State’. Western media through a well planned strategy portraying and reporting in such an angle that doesn’t throw light over serious genuine reasons of current chaos especially in Middle East. The easy way to engage their readers and viewers is to blame Islam and Muslims for the over all mess in the whole world. 

Did we fight World War One and Two?

The West has forgot that Hitler was not a Muslim who caused millions of deaths. Atomic bombs attack on two dence populated city of Japan that took hundred of thousands of innocent lives was not thrown by Medieval Muslims. World War One and Two were not faught between Muslims and Christians.  

But media has made West to forget their history which is not too old. 

The people who are observing all this current situation they know why is this happening and who is making this to happen. 

Burma is burning

Currently Muslims in Burma are facing the worst brutality by the Budhits but the double standard of UNO and all other countries and organisations that are champion in human rights, are slept and have turned their eyes off on this persecution, Muslims massacre and ethinic cleansing. 

The world needs to react responsibly against the discrimination with Muslims across the globe. And before even pleading to the world, I resquest to all the scholars out there to teach and follow the true teachings of Quran and our Prophet (PBUH)..