Where do we stand? 

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Today in this complex global village we have seen disturbed stories from across the globe through social media, TV and other sources like web. 

Millions of people are suffering due to the lethal interest based international relations among the states. The old imperialist powers are still digesting the resources from around the world either by hook or crook. 

Despite having enormous, up to date, quick and cheap information “as information is power” the negativity against the humanity is at it’s peak. We are witnessing more deaths, epidemic outbreaks, injustice, wars and human rights issues. 

Forget the tussel between major powers, Middle East is a burning battle ground for the ‘blood suckers’ oh! I mean oil and gas looters. 

If I start writing something more about the Middle East then I might not be able to write on a particular issue that grabbed my attention and gave me ‘again’ painful itchy feelings. 

Yesterday when I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed page; I read a post that also had a picture with it as proof saying, a home work lesson is given to kids by Stevenston Primary School in Motherwell in which Palestinians were described as “separatists”. Kids were asked describe the “terrorist activities” and give two reasons why the Palestinians “feel they have the right” to amount terror attacks in Israel. 

So the school administration is giving such home work to 11 years kids. What a mature strategy to brain wash kids from such age. When they would be grown up, their perception and understanding to Palestine would be based on hatred and bias. 

Anyways, people from all the ethinicities have condemn such a move from this school but what next now? 

Palestine is a burning issue in world since the creation of Israel. Palestinians are suffering more than our imaginatios, those imaginations that we create after media reports or from social media. 

Muslims all around the world always raise their voices against the atrocities and lethal acts of Israel over Palestinians. Not only Muslims now we have seen the most respected Western intellectuals and common people are also criticising Israel’s barbaric moves agains Palestine. 

Now just to condemn Israel by protesting and chanting slogans is not enough as we are doing this from the last six decades. We need to move on and change our understanding to solve this issue and secure Palestinians from their ethinic cleansing.



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