Month: June 2014

Role of Awaz Newspaper in the Asian community

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Awaz Newspaper is the largest Asian Newspaper in Scotland which is serving the Asian community from more than a decade by highlighting their issues and participation in the growth of Scotland.

Awaz Newspaper helped to lessen the communication gap between the natives and the immigrants and has played its pivotal role to urge Asian community to take part in mainstream politics.

Recently it is been sold to Faisal Khan who is now planning to change its layout and making it more vibrant and vocal.



Twitter is a breeding ground for racial antagonist

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The Glaswegians have showed their anger over racial attack on humza yousaf the minister of external affair on Twitter, and majority of them agreed on a ‘poll’ that Twitter is a breeding ground for racist and political antagonist.

Yousaf received a direct message on Twitter where a Twitter user named Ray Hilton abused him saying, “Don’t ever consider yourself a Scott [sic]. All you are is an Asian man with a British passport living in Scotland. If you think that makes you Scottish then you need some help.”

Polling Results                                                              10339745_660081777396434_3125931779943068320_n

A Question was asked in a poll that, “Is social media a breeding ground for racist and political antagonist” and 83.33 per cent people voted ‘yes’, while 13.33 per cent voted ‘no’.

Adil Bhatti, blog reader, commented on the story and expressed his views as, “It is not the social media but it depends on the people who use it.”

Bhatti further said, “The real Scots are in minority as majority consists on the immigrants who settled in Scotland over the years. However many Scots who feel proud to be Scottish use such remarks unknowing that their roots are not from Scotland.”

Go Back

Humza yousaf also faced a racial attack in February 2014 when he was selling Big Issue as a guest seller outside the Queen Street train station, when a passer-by told him to “Go Back”.

Later on that man recognised as Christopher Chisholm 30 of Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire, who always tried to hide himself behind his wife Christina.


Tariq Ghazi commented on Facebook over the reaction of racist attack on MSP on Twitter, “Me and my coming generations will be living and buried in Scotland. We are proud Scot.”

The admin of a Facebook page “Reasons for an Independent Scotland” commented over the story saying, “What a *****! Humza is a greater Scot than that guy will ever be! Humza is out working for his country (of birth!) and that guy is pathetically trolling.”