MSP is under racism attack

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An MSP is facing racial discrimination by a Twitter user and posted a picture at Twitter showing a direct message in which he is mocked by calling an ‘Asian man’.

Humza Yousuf who has already experienced racist attacks on different occasions, once again is targeted via a Twitter user Ray Hilton who sent him message saying he should not consider himself as a Scot.

Humza appeared in an episode of Question Time aired on BBC1, where he expressed that he is a Scot. However, Hilton posted: “Don’t ever consider yourself a Scott [sic]. All you are is an Asian man with a British passport living in Scotland.”

“If you think that makes you Scottish then you need some help!”

Ray Hilton also asks in his direct message to Humza: “Do you honestly think we consider you a Scot??? Hahahahahaha”.

Ray Hilton's direct message to Hamza Yousaf.
Ray Hilton’s direct message to Hamza Yousaf.


MSP Yousuf then satirically tweeted, via a self-made video: “Proof of how thick racists are – you could at least correctly spell the nationality I supposedly don’t belong to…”

Twitter followers of Humza Yousuf showed their anger over Hilton’s behaviour. One person, Twitter name Mae_Carson retweeted, saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you” etc. Who the devil is Ray Hilton and what does he do for Scotland?”


Yousuf suffered racial discrimination in February when he was selling the big issue. A man approached him and told that he would not buy the Big Issue from him as he was not from Scotland.

Later on that man was recognised as Chris  Chisholm from Dunbartonshire, who became less vocal after approaching the media and hid himself behind his wife.


One thought on “MSP is under racism attack

    Adil Bhatti said:
    May 29, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    It is not the social media but it depends on the people who use it.
    Historically.speaking the real scots are in minority as majority consists on the immigrants who settled in scotland over the years. However many scots who feel proud to be scottish use such remarks unknowing that their roots are not from Scotland.
    I appologised. Those who feels hurt by my remarks.

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